A short synopsis

“Interactive Visualisation and 3D for VFX” at the technical university in Jönköping in Sweden, that is how it all started – at least work wise ;).

After this I moved around quite a bit and worked in London, Spain and Germany.

What I have worked most with is definitely animation, cars and cameras, rigging technical stuff – cars and their insides again! – and writing some complex pipeline stuff in Mel, so I do think that my expertise 3D wise, is rather on the technical side of things. Nevertheless through study and interest I have acquired a good foundation for “the right proportion” be it in movement, static layout or design elements.

Having worked as a 3d consultant for almost two years I do have experience working with clients, developing concepts – from design solutions to ideas and technical stuff like software implementations and possible interfaces – and presenting these in meetings.

I like to bring as many of these qualities as possible to the table and working on different aspects of projects.

As far as life outside work is concerned, I need my regular dosis of exercise in any of the following forms: running, bouldering, snorkling, scuba diving, longboarding and a few more ;) . I love to see new places, to meet new people and to get to know the world – which I have been working on heavily during my sabbatical year. Taking photos and sketching, meeting friends, reading books and sometimes a good movie are good sources of inspiration – as is just sitting silently in nature.